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Non- Member Pricing

Non-Members Are Permitted To Fish Birch Lake Only

Fish Quota Tickets Explained
Fish Quota Tickets allow you unlimited access to Birch Lake at any time, without the need to book. Simply purchase your quota to fish Birch as many times as you like, until your quota is caught. 
3 Fish = £55
5 Fish = £80
Additional Anglers

You are welcome to bring 1x additional angler when you visit, but they must share an accompanying purchased quota limit.

Membership Pricing

Members enjoy full access to our whole fishery with many additional benefits.

Pre-Order Now Available.


Catch Limits Explained

How many fish can I Catch?


Non-Members can purchase a quota ticket for Duncton Mill with the option of choosing your catch limit. During your visits, this limit is the total number of fish you can catch from  Birch Lake only..


Members of Duncton Mill have the ability to purchase fish quota tickets, at a reduced price during their membership. During your membership, this limit is the total number of fish you can catch from all fishery lakes.. 

What happens if I catch my limit?

If you catch your quota ticket limit, you will either have to cease fishing or you can purchase extra fish tickets from the on-site staff.

Can I release the fish?

We operate a strict catch and take policy. Catch and release is not allowed.

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