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Giving Our Rainbow Trout Stock Their First Meal

Today was a momentous occasion for some of the fish on our farm, it was time to have their first meal. Fishery manager Dan was on hand to give our little Rainbow babies their first solid food since hatching and we're pleased to say they are doing well.

Egg To Alevin

After hatching from their eggs, our trout spend around 20 days feeding from their attached yolk sac. This gives them all the nutrients they need and ensures they have a good start to their life.

After 20 days, the trout begin to explore the water column in search of food. At this point, it is important to make sure that we are providing them with high quality protein to help line their gut and give their immune systems a boost.

Once feeding has begun, the trout will begin to put on weight at a ratio of 4:10 so for every 40g of food they eat, we get an extra 100g of flesh on the fish.

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