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It’s almost time!

It's been a long time in the making, but Aquaculturalist Dan Young is finally taking the plunge into fishery management as we prepare to take over Duncton Mill Trout Fishery at the end of this month!

Our Vision

With over 25 years of angling experience, from fishing competitively for England to spending most of his free time on the banks of lakes and rivers in England, we know what good fishing is all about.

Duncton Mill Trout Fishery has everything! 4 Spring-Fed lakes set in the heart of the South Downs National Park give us the ability to create an angling haven for people of all abilities.

Rearing our own trout in the site farm allows us to ensure our fish are of the highest quality and health when stocked into our waters. The gin clear water and established environment provide the best habitat they could ask for.

The Lakes

Our four lakes are named Birch, Rosie, Coot and Alder and each home a range of different fish species and specimens.

With their varying depths and physical characteristics, they provide the perfect day for every angling style and ability.


From November through to March 2023, we will be offering reduced day ticket fishing for our most sporting lake, Birch. This will allow us to focus on improvements around the other 3 lakes with plans for bank management and landscaping.

You can purchase your day tickets from

On site, you will find a digital check in kiosk, allowing you to check in in 30 seconds and spend all day stalking the banks!

Come along and say hi, and have a tour of the whole fishery while you're here!

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