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Top Flies To Help You Catch Trout In The Winter

It's fair to say that fishing for trout, during the winter months, is not the easiest of days sport. But, with the right plan and the right gear, it can provide for a successful day.

Understanding the right kind of fly, and how to present it, can be crucial during the winter so read on for our top tips to keep you catching!


Baby Doll

The Baby Doll fly pattern is used to imitate small fish and is perfect to use during the fry season.


The Baby Doll can be fished at any depth and is great for October / November. It comes in many different colours, we would recommend white or bright green for Duncton Mill.


Daddy Long Legs

Although Daddies are often seen throughout the warmer summer months, the majority of these gangly creatures hit our lakes towards the end of the summer. Usually starting in late August/early September, the trout will still happily take anything resembling one right up until the end of October.


There are many ways to fish with various Daddy Long Legs style patterns. The most obvious and without doubt the most popular is to present the fly like any other dry, on the surface. With this style of fishing we are looking to present the fly pretty much static with no hint of drag, often caused by the pull of floating line due to tiny surface currents, in order to fool a feeding fish. Whether you’re fishing from a boat or the bank you are looking to present the fly without movement either in or on the surface film.

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